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Ronald Shane Flynn

Ronald flynn

Ronald Flynn with TGEG staff

Mr. Ronald "Ron" Shane Flynn is an American environmentalist, philanthropist, and the Founder, CEO of True Green Energy Group (TGEG). He is also the founder of Spectrum Blue Steel Corporation (SBSC), a company that was given rights by GEECF (Global Environmental Energy Corporation) to manage, sell and promote Biosphere Technology in the Philippines.

In 2009 Flynn started the True Green Energy Group with a vision of helping our environment through biosphere technology. Together with his TGEG and SBSC family, they endeavor to make true changes in energy industry. With their unwavering vision of achieving a zero waste society, they continuously seek ways on how to help in solving environmental problems.


Ronald Flynn with Philippine local government officials (City of San Fernando, Pampanga Philippines)

The fact that the world has been dependent on fossil fuels for energy in the past years has created various environmental problems worldwide particularly the increased of carbon emissions. To help in solving these environmental problem Flynn and his team used a strategy wherein they could "de-carbonize" the electric power generation industry by shifting to non-fossil fuel-based energy sources, specifically waste-to-energy to help in solving these environmental concerns. This follows the American Energy Policy Act of 2005 which confirmed energy-from-waste is renewable, and the Philippine Renewable Energy Law (RA 9513) of the Philippines. Right now, Flynn together with TGEG continues to promote the use of green technologies such as biosphere technology. He is confident that with this technology, the problems with energy and environment will be eventually solved.

About Biosphere Technology

It is a gasification process invented and developed by Dr. Chris McCormack. This technology uses wastes instead of natural reserves to produce Green Energy or electricity. It harnesses the combustibility of municipal solid wastes (MSW) to create a heat source that produces super heated steam via boiler. Then this super heated steam will then be used to drive a combination stream turbine/alternator that will generate green electricity. Its process differs with incineration in a way that it is done using thermal decomposition thus limits atmospheric emissions.

Advantages of Biosphere Technology:

1. There are no toxic leftovers which cause leachate issues and its process uses limited-oxygen environment which limits atmospheric emissions.
2. Solves both energy and solid wastes problem.

3. It helps in maintaining our groundwater free from harmful elements by superseding landfills.

4. It creates electricity and other by products through destroying solid wastes in a cost effective manner.

Contact Information:

Spectrum Blue Steel Corporation SBSC Main Office Office Center No. 06 L & M Berthaphil III Clark Center Jose Abad Santos Avenue, Clark Freeport Zone Clark Filed, Pampanga

SBSC Founder - Ronald Flynn +63 918 8880017
+63 908 4455555
+63 918 8111119

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